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Equipment Warranty
This service offers advanced replacement for defective or broken components for your telephone system, to insure quick recovery of business operations. Through National Telecom, an extended equipment or “depot” warranty can be purchased to cover any broken or defective items that a company may have throughout the duration of the agreement.

If a telephone set is not working properly a quick call to our technical support will determine if the problem is a user error or a out of service set. Once the problem is identified as an out of service set or component, a replacement will be shipped out. Replacements can be delivered as early as the next day if ordered before 4:00 PM EST. The out of service component part or set must be returned to National Telecom within 15 days. If the customer fails to return the out of service part, the customer will be invoiced for the replacement.

The fee for the service is based on the number of Ports active in the phone system. Ports equal the number of lines, extensions and phones on the system. National Telecom charges $10.00 per port per year for this service.

For example a 4x16 telephone system with 16 phone sets would equal 36 ports (4 lines, wired for 16 extensions, equipped with 16 telephone sets) or a total of $360.00 per year. The initialization fee for the service is $99.00. The initialization fee is to have a installer go out to your site and serialize the items that will be warranted. For customers who have purchased equipment directly from others then National Telecom, we wave this $99.00 initialization fee due to the fact that we have already serialized the equipment that is being warranted.

National Telecom also offers Telephone Technical support for 100.00 per hour.

Please call your National Telecom Sales representative for more information and a contract.
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