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Minuteman EN600 Enspire UPS (90000771) #26523
Minuteman EN600 Enspire UPS
SKU: 90000771


Minuteman EN600 Enspire UPS


90000771 - Minuteman EN600 Enspire UPS, 600VA USB 3-Surge Outlets Uninterruptible Power Supply

New: US$ 73.00 (CAN$ 96.36)

   Minuteman EN600 Enspire UPS:

Minuteman UPS EN600

    The Minuteman EnSpire EN600 Uninterruptible Power Supply battery backup is an economical and ideal device to provide power protection to all your small phone systems, VoIP handsets and computers systems, along with modems, fax devices and phones. The power management software (SentryPlus) (included with purchase) safely closes files and shuts down your devices. The EN600 UPS provides six outlets, two of whom are spaced to allow AC transformers to easily fit. User friendly replacement batteries are available.

Minuteman EN600 UPS

  • Applications: Small Phone systems, PCs, Servers, POS Sytems, VoIP handsets, security system devices, home entertainment/theatres
  • Total Maximum Load of protected systems: 600VA / 300W
  • Provides economical protection for Small Phone systems, PCs, Servers, POS Sytems, VoIP handsets, security system devices, home entertainment/theatres.
  • Power failure shutdown times
    • 3.2 minutes under full system load
    • 8.9 minutes under system half load
  • Three power outlets provide both battery backup and surge protection; three provide surge protection only. Devices plugged into the battery backup outlets will remain running for several minutes
  • Protected inputs: phone/modem: 1 RJ11 port for phones/fax/modems
  • SentryPlus auto-shutdown and monitoring software saves data by gracefully shutting down programs in the event of a power failure. System shutdown notification sent via email and other methods. SentryPlus supported by the following operating systems:
    • XP/2000/2003/95/98/Me/NT4, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, FreeBSD, and other Unix/Linux systems )
  • Battery recharge time after power failure: 8 hours to 90% from total discharge
  • Warranty: 3 years on the UPS; 2 years on the battery
  • Customer Equipment Protection Plan covers damage to equipment connected to the UPS up to 50,000
Part Number: 90000771
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