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Aastra 6757i CT IP Phone (A1758-0131-10-01-XD22) #24527
Aastra 6757i CT IP Phone
SKU: A1758-0131-10-01-XD22


Aastra 6757i CT IP Phone


A1758-0131-10-01 - Aastra 6757i CT IP Phone with Integrated Mobile Handset

New: US$ 369.00 (CAN$ 487.08)

   Aastra 6757i CT IP Phone:

The Aastra 6757i CT IP phone offers powerful features and flexibility in a standards based, carrier-grade advanced level, expandable, IP telephone that includes an integrated WDCT cordless mobility handset for coverage up to 300,000 sq. ft. With a sleek and elegant design, large 144 x 128 pixel graphical backlit LCD display and 6 dynamic context-sensitive soft keys, the 6757i CT base unit is fully interoperable with leading IP Telephony platforms, offering advanced XML capability to access custom applications and support for up to 9 calls simultaneously.

Phone Features:

  • Mobility: Employing secure WDCT cordless technology, the Aastra 6757i CT expands VoIP beyond the desktop without the need for a separate wireless network. Increases flexibility and efficiency for those not tied to a desk.
  • XML Browser: The Aastra 6757i CT is equipped with XML browser capabilities and an extra-large display with dynamic soft keys to easily access customized services and applications. Create internal service applications using development guides available from Aastra. This feature provides unlimited potential to customize the Aastra 6757i CT to meet your specific business needs or vertical applications using the display and keypad.
  • Enhanced Call Management: With extensive storage capacity for personal directories, callers logs and redial lists and 12 programmable keys, the Aastra 6757i CT can improve efficiency by providing more call information with the push of a button. Features such as shared call and bridged line appearances, call forward, call transfer, call waiting, intercom and local 3-way conference increase call flexibility and control. Expandability The Aastra 6757i CT offers two different module extension options. It supports up to three Aastra M670i modules, each offering 36 keys with LED indicators to create a feature rich attendant console. Or, it will also support up to three of the advanced Aastra M675i modules, each offering 60 keys with a screen based LCD display and LED system.
  • Remarkable Audio: All Aastra IP telephones offer full-duplex speakerphone with excellent voice clarity and delivery. With years of experience in telecommunications and telephone design, Aastra can ensure superior voice quality on every product we sell.
  • Simplified Deployment: From initial deployment and configuration to future enhancements and upgrades, the Aastra family of IP telephones is designed to save your business time and money. Dual auto-sensing switched Ethernet ports eliminate additional wiring and simplify installations. Integrated IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet allows easy deployment with centralized powering and backup. Easily created configuration files, using any text editor, can be used to configure phones individually or centrally.
  • SIP Corded Phone
  • Multi-Proxy Support
  • Large 144x 128 pixel graphical backlit LCD Display
  • White Backlighting with Auto Sensing to save power
  • Supports up to 3 M670i Add-on Modules with 36 LED Indicators each and up to 3 M675i Add-on Modules with 60 Keys and Screen Based LCD Display with LED indicators
  • LED for call and message waiting indicators, Busy Lamp Field Support, and Missed Call Notifications
  • Aastra Hi-Q Audio Technology and Echo Cancellation
  • Up to 9 Lines with Call Appearances
  • 4 Navigational Keys, 4 Line Appearance Buttons with LEDs, and 12 Programmable Soft keys with LEDs to customize up to 30 Functions
  • 8 Dedicated Buttons for Hold, Redial, Speakerphone/ Headset, Mute, Options, Goodbye and Volume Control
  • Shared Call Appearances/ Bridged Line Appearances
  • XML Browser Capable phone with access to custom applications
  • Ability to interface with personally customized applications through Aastra provided development guides.
  • Display changes based upon the activities of the user
  • PIN Authorization to lock phone
  • Compatible with CTI Applications and SIP Extension supported PBX or Hosted PBX Platforms
  • Electronic Hook switch Support (EHS Compatible) for wireless headsets
  • Modular Headset Connection with Amplifier Included
  • Aastra Hi-Q Audio Technology and Echo Cancellation
  • Independent Volume for Handset/ Speakerphone
  • Create a Personal Directory and keep extensive Caller ID Logs and Redial Lists
  • Supports Shared or Bridged Line Appearances
  • 3-Way Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call Park, Call Timer Features Available
  • Intercom or Paging over Speaker with Auto-Answer
  • Live Dial Pad, Do Not Disturb, Full Duplex Speakerphone, Distinctive Ringing, and Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • Multi-Lingual Support- English, French, Spanish, Italian, German with Additional Languages available for download from Aastra Language Pack
  • Support G.711, G.729, G.722 Codecs
  • Packet Loss Concealment and QoS Support
  • Dual 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port with Auto Sensing Feature
  • PoE Ready Phone, Optional AC Power Adapter
  • Supports Manual or DHCP IP Address set up
  • Dynamic Phone Configuration Support
  • Mass deployment via central provisioning of user configuration files via TFTP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS
  • ROHS Compliant
  • Equipped with Direct Connect Headset Jack
  • Size: 9.3in. x 8.2in. x 3.2in.

Cordless Handset Features:

  • 5 Line Backlit LCD Display
  • Includes Wireless 2.4 GHZ Frequency Hopped Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Handset
  • Expandable up to 4 Wireless Handsets
  • Wireless Coverage up to 300,001 Square Feet without the need for Wireless Network
  • Vibration Alert
  • 2 Context Sensitive Soft keys
  • 8 Dedicated Buttons for Goodbye, Hold, Mute, Redial, Function, Menu, and Volume Control
  • Programmable buttons to interface between the Cordless Handset and the Base Telephone for up to 20 Functions
  • Equipped with Direct Connect Headset Jack and 2.5mm Headset Jack
  • Includes Nickel Metal Hydride Battery with 4 Day Standby time and 4 hours Talk Time
  • Size: 5.4in. x 1.8in. x 0.8in.

What's in the Box?

  • Aastra 6757i Base Phone
  • Handset and Curly Cord
  • 4 Position Foot stand
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Wall Mount Kit
  • Installation Guide
  • 48V AC Power Adapter for Base Phone
  • Aastra 6757i CT Handset
  • Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for Cordless Phone
  • Belt Clip
  • Charging Stand with AC Power Adapter for Cordless Phone

Part Number: A1758-0131-10-01

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