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Digital Loggers USB Line Recorder (USB318) #21929
Digital Loggers USB Line Recorder


Digital Loggers USB Line Recorder


USB318 - Digital Loggers USB Line Recorder (Records Telephone Line)

New: US$ 219.00 (CAN$ 289.08)

   Digital Loggers USB Line Recorder:

USB Line Recorder

Record important telephone conversations word-for word directly onto your computer. Just install the software and plug the recorder into the USB port on your computer. Youre set to record negotiations, agreements, sales transactions, and any other business you handle by phone.

(Local state laws for voice recording)

Digital Loggers USB318

  • Allows one unit to record all the phones in a home or office to a single computer
  • One unit is needed for each phone line; if you have more than one phone line, then multiple recorders can be connected to a single PC
  • Connects to analog telephone lines
  • Add comments and bookmarks while recording
  • Software time/date stamps for each recording allow you to manage your stored audio files
  • Instantly replay, e-mail, or archive recordings onto CD
  • Records straight to your computers hard drive; no need to buy tapes, maintenance free
  • Small desktop footprint - only 3 x 2 x 1 in. - fits in the palm of your hand
Part Number: USB318
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