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Norstar T7316e Phone (NT8B27JAMAE6, NT8B27JAAB-XD43) #16750
Norstar T7316e Phone
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Norstar T7316e Phone


NT8B27JA - Nortel T7316e Multi-line Telephone with 24 Programmable Buttons

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   Norstar T7316e Phone:

Norstar T7316e Phone

Nortel Networks Business Series Terminals Norstar T7316e Telephone is a full-featured, expandable, multi-line telephone that has a two-line, 16-character-per-line display that is menu driven and supported by three context-sensitive soft keys.

The Norstar T7316E phone provides access to 24 memory buttons, 16 of which include multi-segment icons for fast and precise decision making. It is designed for high call volume positions requiring access to extensive system features. Typical users include supervisors, managers, executives, and other business professionals.

T7316e - T7316e phone - T 7316e phone - 7316e phone - Norstar 7316e

Nortel T7316e Telephone

Features working with the T24 require CICS 6.1 software or higher

  • Modular design which allows the Norstar T7316E phone to be deployed anywhere as a feature-rich standalone solution; or, by adding the T24 Key Indicator Module, as a Central Answering Position for efficient call routing.

  • Integrated busy lamp field/Direct station select increases customer satisfaction while improving operator efficiency by utilizing multi-segment icons for accurate and efficient routing of customer inquiries.

  • Audio control center simplifies telephone operation by clustering common audio features for fast and precise toggle action between handset, headset, and speaker.

  • Norstar T7316e Phone, Built-in speaker improves communication by providing hands-free audio capability for multi-tasking and group participation. Menu-driven display with soft keys: Provides users with an intuitive interface for fast and accurate access to system features.

  • Equip with Direct Connect Headset Jack

Nortel Norstar Avaya T7316e - Compatibility and Requirements
  • T7316 Telephone is Compatible with all releases of Nortel NorstarCICS business telephone systems and MICS business telephone systems and all releases ofNortel BCM telephone systems

  • Also compatible with Avaya IP Office and Avaya IP Office Quick Version equipped with IP500 TCM 8, IP500 Digital Station 16A, orIP500 Digital Station 30A

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Nortel T7316e - T-7316e -Norstar T7316e - T7316e phone - T7316e telephone

Part Number: NT8B27JAMAE6, NT8B27JAAB

T7316e Telephone

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Nortel T7316e Phone -Norstar T7316e Telephone -Norstar T-7316e -Norstar T 7316e Phone

Nortel T7316e Telephone

Norstar T7316e phone - 7316e telephone - Nortel 7316e - Meridian T7316e - 7316e
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