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Nortel M3903 Phone (NTMN33GA-70, NTMN33GA-66) #16589
Nortel M3903 Phone


Nortel M3903 Phone


NTMN33GA - Nortel Meridian M3903 Telephone

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   Nortel M3903 Phone:

Telephone M3903

Meridian M3903 telephone is the ideal choice for office professionals and technical specialists. It supports up to four lines and/or features through the two self labeling keys at the top of the display. It provides access to additional features through the interactive soft keys below the display

The M3903 delivers the new productivity-enhancing Call Log Feature, which displays a list of the last 10 incoming calls as well as the last five outgoing calls made from your phone. For added customization, you can choose to list all incoming calls or just the unanswered calls, and you can instantly redial and call on the lists with a simple keystroke. Fixed feature keys also allow you to switch easily from the handset or handfree to headset use, personalize the phone using the options list, and quickly access your voice mail system.

Nortel M3903 Phone

  • Multi-line, 3 Line x 24 Character Display
  • 2 Self labelling, programmable feature keys (softkeys) with shift key
  • 4 Context sensitive feature keys
  • Fixed Feature Keys - Hold, Goodbye, Volume Control, Smart Mute and Headset w/ LED, Options, Message, Call Log (Includes Redial), Applications, Shift, Handsfree withLED
  • Dual Purpose LED indicator - Message Waiting, Incoming call.Navigation Cluster, Quit and Copy
  • Desk or Wall Mount.
  • Supports 2 Snap In Cartridge Accessories.
Nortel Meridian M3903 Compatibility
  • Nortel Meridian M3903 digital telephone was first introduced and supported on X11 Release 24.24/24.25, however Release 25 software is recommended
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Part Number: NTMN33GA-70, NTMN33GA-66
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