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Nortel M3902 Phone (NTMN32GA-70, NTMN32GA-66) #16588
Nortel M3902 Phone


Nortel M3902 Phone


NTMN32GA - Nortel Meridian M3902 Telephone

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   Nortel M3902 Phone:

Nortel Meridian M3902 Phone

Designed for light telephone use in areas such as manufacturing, warehouses, and other business environments, the M3902 brings the display-based interface and handsfree capability to this basic, single-line phone. Enhancements such as self-labeling keys, Smart Mute, and a host of user-selectable options make this a powerful single-line solution. The M3902 also increases its capabilities by supporting a cartridge accessory that conveniently snaps into the back of the phone.

Equip with Direct Connect Headset Jack

The Nortel M3902 is compatible with the following telephone systems:

  • Meridian Option 11
  • Meridian Option 61
  • Meridian Option 81

Nortel M3902 Phone

Nortel Meridian M3902 Telephone Compatibility

  • Nortel Meridian M3902 digital telephone was supported on X11 Release 24.24/24.25, however Release 25 software is recommended
Part Number: NTMN32GA-70, NTMN32GA-66
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