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Norstar T7406 Cordless Phone (NT8B45AAAB-XD49) #16510
Norstar T7406 Cordless Phone


Norstar T7406 Cordless Phone


NT8B45AAAB - Norstar T7406 Cordless Add-on Telephone

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   Norstar T7406 Cordless Phone:

Telephone T7406

Norstar Business Series Terminal T7406 is a full-featured, multi-line telephone for businesses that would benefit from a workplace mobility solution. It covers an area of up to 282,000 square feet and supports 1-6 people, enabling your employees to be more productive while moving about the office. It is ideal for small enterprises, branch offices, retails, medical offices, warehouses and manufacturing environments.

Norstar T7406 Cordless Phone

  • The Norstar T 7406 add on is a cordless handset that will function with a currently existing base and cordless handset.
  • The T7406 base (not sold with the add on) can support up to 3 T7406 handsets, one station port is required for each registered handset on the base.
  • The range of the cordless telephone is up to 300 ft.
  • The Norstar T7406 uses digital frequency spread spectrum technology to provide a high quality audio path.
  • Up to two bases can be operated per site using the lower or upper half of the frequency band.
  • If there are other devices operating in the ISM band there may be interference.
  • Equip with Direct Connect Headset Jack
Part Number: NT8B45AAAB
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